Professional Advantages

Based on innovative technologies, SUNRATE forges a FX Engine that offers automated optimal pricing, a fast and efficient global payment Engine and a financial risk management Engine. Meanwhile, we also protect your funds and information under the highest international compliance and regulatory standards.

FX Engine
Market Benchmark and FX Aggregation are integrated to obtain highly competitive FX prices. Optimum Algo is applied to provide customers with optimal exchange rate quotes. 5x24-hour Auto Hedger position management tool is used to provide end-customers with access to visible and available real-time rate-locking services.
Global Payment Engine
HOST to HOST API enables ultra-fast processing capabilities. SWIFT GPI significantly enhances international payment and clearing efficiency and supports dual payment channels together with Local Distribution Network. Intelligent pricing significantly reduces payment costs.
Financial Risk Management Engine
MATLAB forms the core of our financial models to perform future cash flow analysis. Value at Risk, an internationally recognized risk indicator, is used to provide quantitative analysis of risk exposure.
Global Map of Exchange Rate Risk
Safety and Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
SUNRATE has always embraced global regulations with a positive attitude, strictly complied with international anti-money laundering ordinance and followed relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
Privacy Protection
SUNRATE guarantees the highest level of transaction security and applies world-class security measures to protect users' information.
Procedural Compliance
All client funds are placed in international clearing banks and are subject to the supervision of the financial regulatory authorities. All transactions and funds can only be operated after receiving customer authorization. Any tampering and account anomalies will be rejected by SUNRATE and its financial institution partners.
Financial Compliance
We have established anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance systems in accordance with the highest international regulation standards and industry best practice. Our compliance is subject to on-going internal audit for review and improvement, and annual review by KPMG.