International Payments
Our direct connections to global payment networks make international transactions fast, safe and cost-effective.
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Global Payment Networks
Seamless international trade with connections to global payment networks spanning 150+ countries.
Flexible Payment Methods
Payment methods that adapt to your needs and include OUR/SHA options.
Local Settlement Networks
Covering regions including Hong Kong, the US, Europe, UK, Southeast Asia, Japan and more.
Lower Payment Costs
We connect our clients to global clearing networks for lower transaction fees and better exchange rates.
Our smart routing system automatically matches your payment with efficient clearing pathways for fast, cost-effective transactions.
Accelerated Fund Arrival
We accelerate cross-border fund flow for swifter transfers.
Our leverage of local networks allows payments to be processed instantly.
Security and Regulatory Compliance
We are licensed and accredited in regions including Hong Kong, UK, USA, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and more.
We run sanction screening through World-Check to ensure payment safety and transaction compliance.
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All domestic payment services in China are provided by qualified, regulated domestic partners.