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Be dependable in everything that we do, treats others with integrity, and be customer obsessed.


A state of mind in which colleagues can share ideas and communicate clearly. We strive to be an open minded and active listener, and to encourage others to contribute and speak up. We provide and receive constructive feedback. This helps others feel that their contributions are valued, even if they disagree.


We continuously seek to deepen our core competitiveness and strive to help businesses to expand globally with our products and services.

Join us in building the world of business payments

There are still many SMEs that are underserved by traditional finance; that's why what we do is not only impactful but meaningful.

——Darren Thang

I feel that my efforts are truly transformative as what we do will help SMEs to go truly global.

——Coco He

Finding the right balance between innovation and compliance is the most fulfiling aspect in the facilitation of money transfer (between businesses)

——Alison So

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