Make business payments to 190+ countries and regions, near instantaneously

Make international payments with full transparency.

Global payment network Flexible payment solutions Security-first

Global payment network

Enjoy SUNRATE's full coverage of 190+ countries and support payments in 130+ currencies.

Settle with local networks spanning across Hong Kong, US, Europe, UK, Southeast Asia and more.

Facilitate business payments in the most efficient manner with our smart network routing.

Flexible payment solutions

Make batch payment and pay to 1000+ people in one click.

Pay suppliers in one go, with low overseas transaction fees.

Automate payouts by connecting with our APIs.


Utilise customisable verification models with enhanced security protection.

Enjoy high security with maximum encryption.

Enjoy peace of mind as we are certified to the international financial data security standard including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1.

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